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Shipping Info

At Zeviox, we provide a world class shipping to all our customers which includes inspection of the ordered product, on-time delivery, good quality packing of the product, insurance of the package, and proper and exact tracking of ordered product at each stage of shipping.

Once you have bought a product at our site, we take care of each and everything so you don’t have to worry about anything. We offer several benefits during the shipping of the product like:

  • We provide World-class level packing of ordered products.
  • Reputed and reliable logistic partners for carrying the parcel.
  • Provide information about the ordered product at every step of order movement.
  • No anxiety regarding shipping.

Important Note: Product delivery time mentioned on product details is estimated. Actual delivery time of the product depend on the availability of product with the merchant, address where the product need to be delivered, and also on the courier issue etc. You always have a choice to cancel your order due to delay in shipment of product by contacting us at customer support.